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You’ve got less than 2 seconds to captivate a customer after they hit your website…

How long are people staying on yours?

What keeps them engrossed in your website? Quite simply, it “speaks” to them – or it doesn’t…

If you’ve done your market research and branding, you’re in a great position to capture the attention of potential customers. Your brand image is the core of your business. Know your brand image and make sure the world knows it. Here’s how we help you do that …

Branding and SEOManage Your Web-based Brand – Your brand should be a reflection of who you are, what you do, and why you do it – it should resonate with your customers and permeate your online marketing efforts. We help you identify the components of your brand, create your brand image, and build your brand into everything you do. Without a clear brand to guide you, search engine optimization is an exercise in futility.

Find the Right Keywords – Use the wrong keywords on your website and you’ll end up in a search engine black hole. We’ve spent our careers in the “people industry” – we know the buzz-words, the customer psychology, and the offerings they look for. We’re uniquely positioned to hit the right keywords for your business right away.

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