Social Media

Online Tutorials on Social Media

Online tutorials on social media

If you’re like most business owners, you’re still trying to figure out which social media tools to use, and the “right” way to use them. There are so many options and not a lot of simple, straight-forward, how-to advice. I frequently get asked to provide online tutorials on different topics – and, so far, I…

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Social Media: It’s Not About the Tools

Are you spending too much time “doing social media”? Or are the “gurus” telling you that you need to spend even more time on social media? Have you found yourself asking “why???!” It’s easy to get caught up in creating the perfect website, a dazzling Facebook page, Twitter updates, YouTube videos – and the list…

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How to Succeed With Social Media

Last week I was filming business owners talking about the challenges they face with social media. The top two issues? It doesn’t do anything for the business (no ROI) It wastes a lot of time Which got me thinking about why social media isn’t working for a lot of companies. Mostly, it’s because they set…

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Are Blogs and Social Media Dead?

Last week I heard an interview that Jay Baer did with David Meerman Scott, author of ‘The New Rules of Marketing and PR’. The part that really caught my attention was David’s discussion about the terminology we use in the online space – specifically, words like “blogging” and “social media.” “Blogging” is a Dirty Word…

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