Online Tutorials on Social Media

Online tutorials on social mediaIf you’re like most business owners, you’re still trying to figure out which social media tools to use, and the “right” way to use them. There are so many options and not a lot of simple, straight-forward, how-to advice.

I frequently get asked to provide online tutorials on different topics – and, so far, I haven’t done it. Part of the issue has been deciding which topic to focus on first. So I’m asking you!

I will be creating a series of online tutorials covering the major social media tools. We’ve get into what they are, why you should (or shouldn’t) use them, how to set up an account, and what to do with it once you have an account. The tutorials will be created for first-time users, but those of you with some experience should also find them helpful.

So, the question for you is this – where should I start? Which social media tool are you most interested in using? Or have the most difficulty using well? Just click below to let me know!

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If there are any specific issues you’d like me to cover in the tutorials, just leave a comment to let me know.

Thanks for the input. I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you!


  1. Morris May on January 17, 2012 at 10:44 pm

    Hello Monica

    I have put a cheeky other “Why are you in business… Know your USP”. Social Media or any other form of marketing, has to start from one point. Why are you in business and what do you bring to your customers. Do you know who your current and potential customers are? Once these basics are sorted out then choosing which social media (or all) will be an easier task.

    From the poll, I would say that you have perhaps missed one, though not strictly a social media, which would be bogs and blogging. For instance, if you are a fencing contractor, then get yourself on DIY forums and offer some free advice, but not forgetting to put a call to action to where ever someone reading it can get some more info or even hire or recommend your services. Social Media is as much about what you say as to having an audience who will listen

    Knowing how much I can ‘talk’ then I will stop it there, but the possibilities are endless. However, the over riding question will always remain, which you poignantly mention all the time…. what is the ROI!

    • Monica Hemingway on January 24, 2012 at 3:06 pm

      Keep the “cheeky” comments coming Morris! I would hope that most people know why they’re in business – but the sad fact is that many don’t truly understand their USP. And, without understanding that, social media likely will do very little of value for the company.

      I didn’t think to include blogs on the poll (I tend to lump them together with websites in general). But I think you raise a larger issue – which is how to find and best use the tool that will be best for your business. And sometimes it’s not one of the ‘big ones’ (like Facebook or YouTube), but something more simple like an industry-relevant forum.

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