Are You Wasting This Huge Website Opportunity?

The huge website opportunity you're wasting

When someone signs up for your email list through a form on your website, or when they buy something on your site, or even just leave a comment on a blog post, what happens next?

If you're like most people, the answer is "not much."

Maybe a "thank you!" message will pop up on the screen. Maybe they'll get a confirmation email. But beyond that, nada.

And that's a huge opportunity flushed down the toilet.

This is the point at which someone is most engaged with your website, offer, message, product, etc. They've actually taken action to tell you that!

So why not take advantage of that enthusiasm?

This is the perfect time to give them the opportunity to connect with you on a deeper level, and upsell or cross-sell.

It's Time For a Little Redirection

With each action someone takes on your page, you usually have the option to redirect them to another URL when the action is completed (e.g., when they've signed up, bought something, clicked a link, etc.).

So send them to a page with another call to action (CTA).

Here are a few examples -

1. Let Them Know What To Do Next 

If you sign up for my weekly [OneThing] email, you'll be sent directly to the page below. It makes it pretty clear what you need to do, right? And as a result, over 95% of people confirm their subscription even though I'm using a double opt-in process.

MAH - Thanks For signing up page

2. Ask Them To Engage With You Even More

This is a good opportunity to ask them to join you on Facebook, LinkedIn or whatever your social media preference is.

Make it as easy as possible for them to do that by using something like the page below. All they have to do is click on the picture and they'll be on your Facebook page.

SEO Checklist popup


You can easily set this up with OptinMonster. It's a great way to create awesome looking pop-ups with simple redirects. And yes, that's an affiliate link - I use OptinMonster on all the websites I build (as well as my own) and I highly recommend it.

3. Make Them Another Offer

When someone's just bought a product or service from you, or opted in to your email list, they're in "yes mode" - so make them another offer right away by directing them to that offer instead of a thank you page (but don't forget to also say "thank you" on that page!).

What you offer them will depend on your business goals.

Do you want them to buy a higher value item or something else from your store? Join a private Facebook group? Sign up for a course, webinar, email list, etc.? Can you tempt them with a special "act now or it's gone forever" discount?

Think about what makes sense for your business and your customers. The opportunities are endless...

You just have to make it easy for your website visitors to take that next step and most of them will take it.

Whatever you do, don't waste the chance they've given you by only showing them a lame "thank you" notice!

So, what redirects are you going to set up? I'd love to hear your ideas and how it worked for you!

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