What’s the Point? Keeping Web Pages Focused

Sign posts - what's the point of your website?Go take a look at a random page on your website.  Go ahead, I’ll wait while you pull it up …

What do you see?  I’m guessing that there’s a header with logo, a navigation menu, a footer with company or contact information, a title, an image or two, and a whole bunch of text.  Maybe there’s a sign-up form.  Or an ad box.

So, what’s the point of that page?  It’s a simple question, but many business owners don’t have a good answer.

Before you create a new web page, think carefully about the purpose of that page. Not the other pages, not the website as a whole, but that single page. Are you trying to sell a product? Generate queries from potential customers? Get people to sign up for a newsletter, special promotion, or email updates?  Provide useful information?  Have people comment online or write a review?

Whatever your goal, make sure the page has only one purpose. Don’t confuse visitors with multiple places to click, different offers, or other distractions. Keep them focused on the one thing you want them to do on that page.

As the saying goes “All roads lead to Rome,” so too should all signs on your web page lead to that one action you want readers to take.

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