Google is Recording Calls From Your Ads


Best practice (and something I recommend and set up for clients) has been to use any and all available extensions in Google Ads (formerly AdWords), including call extensions (meaning that people can call you directly from the ad without having to visit your website).

Google just announced that they will now be recording a sample of those calls, and will let callers know that their call is being recorded (for "quality assurance purposes") before putting the call through to your business. They say it's to cut down on spammy and fraudulent ads and only a small subset of calls will be recorded.


Decide if you want to continue using call extensions. Check your analytics to see how many calls you get through call extensions and, if possible, how much work those calls result in.

If the numbers are positive, and you're ok with potential customers being told that their call is recorded by Google, then you'll need to opt in to having calls recorded.

If you decide not to opt in, you will not be able to use call extensions.

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