Instagram: Should You Use It For Your Business?


Given the visual nature of our work in the green industry, Instagram seems like a perfect way to share what we do with existing and potential customers. The Instagram audience is slowly getting older (meaning there's more interest in our services and more money to spend) and it's not yet as crowded as Facebook.

But ... with the recent departure of Instagram's founders, Facebook (the owner of Instagram) now has nothing stopping them from increasingly relying on Instagram for revenue growth. Expect to start paying for Instagram reach (i.e., using paid ads), just like you do with Facebook.

Plus, Instagram has been seen trying out new functionality that would track your exact location - even when you're not using the app! - and share it with Facebook so it can target you with ads.


The days when you could jump into Instagram and quickly gain an engaged audience without paying for it are coming to an end. If you've been considering using it, get started ASAP so you can build some momentum before it starts to cost you.

And make sure that all of your privacy settings on both Facebook and Instagram (including on the mobile apps) are set correctly (it's up to you to decide how much of your personal information you want Facebook to track).

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