Major Change to Google Ads (formerly AdWords) – Use It To Get Better Results


Google recently added an extra headline and description to expanded text ads (so there are now 3 headlines and 2 description fields). If you're using Bing Ads, you'll SEE this same expanded layout there too.

This change gives you more space on the search engine results page to add additional relevant information. The more space your ad takes up and the more helpful info it provides, the more likely people are to click through to your website.

Using these new expanded ads should give you better results - especially since your competitors probably aren't yet doing it.


Take a look at your current Google Ads. Could any of them benefit from the extra content? If existing ads are already running very well (e.g., click through rate over 3% and conversions over 10%), leave those alone but add 2 or 3 new ads in that ad group to "face off" against them. Give it a month and see which perform better. Then remove the worst performers.

If your current ads aren't doing so well, chances are that the new expanded format will make a significant positive difference in your results so start using the extra space ASAP.

Note: I'm a Google Partner specializing in Search Ads. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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