Ways to Outrank the “Big Guns” in the Local Search Results


You’re trying everything you can think of to get your website ranked on the first page of the Google search engine results pages (SERPs). So it’s frustrating to see SERPs filled with nothing but review sites and other aggregators, like Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, Yelp, Thumbtack and more.

These sites rank at the top because they have domains that have been around for years, high domain authority, and lots of money to spend on SEO. Competing with these 800-pound gorillas can be difficult – but it’s not impossible if you use a few of their tactics.


Here are some ideas to try on your own website:

  1. Create a separate page for each local area/town in which you operate. Make sure the content on each page is unique, fully fleshed out and locally relevant. Do NOT just copy and paste, changing only the town name!
  2. Include a map on each of these pages. Show your location and directions to it or, if you’re a service area business, show the area you cover.
  3. Continuously generate reviews from your customers (ASK them to write reviews!) and feature them on your website. Use Schema markup to show rich snippets (including those star ratings!) for each review in the organic results.
  4. Write list articles relevant to your location and business. For example, ‘5 Most Destructive Tree Pests in Dayton,’ ‘10 Ways to Grow a Greener Lawn in Denver,’ or ‘6 Hot Color Plants for Charlotte Gardens’.
  5. Similarly, create “best of” lists for businesses that provide a complimentary service to yours (e.g., if you’re a lawn care company, write a list of best irrigation companies or best tree service providers). Let them know about your list and give them a “badge” (a "logo") they can put on their website to show off their recognition as a “best xyz” in your town. Make sure that they link back to the article on your website!
  6. Join the local Chamber of Commerce. It’s relatively inexpensive (usually just $200-500/year) and provides you with a listing and link from a highly credible site (just be sure the link is a followed link).


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