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Citations Are ‘Table Stakes’ for Local Businesses

If you don’t have your citations in order, you’re killing your chances of appearing in the local pack and organic listings in the Google search results.

Why Getting Online Reviews Is Critical

When it comes to online reviews, the biggest deciding factors in whether a consumer will do business with a company are …

Major Change to Google Ads (formerly AdWords) – Use It To Get Better Results

Google recently added an extra headline and description to expanded text ads (there are now 3 headlines & 2 description fields). What does it mean for you?

Google is Recording Calls From Your Ads

Google will now record a sample of calls to your business from Google Ads that have call extensions enabled. Agree to it or you can’t use call extensions.

Google+ Is Shutting Down August 2019 

You’ve probably already heard that Google is shutting down its beleaguered social network, Google+ in August 2019. What should you do?

Instagram: Should You Use It For Your Business?

The days when you could jump into Instagram and quickly gain an engaged audience without paying for it are coming to an end.

Blog Articles

My 3 Words for 2012

I just finished reading about Ricardo Bueno’s 3 Words for 2012, the three words that will define his goals for the coming year (based on something Chris Brogan does each year), and it made me think a little harder about my own goals for 2012. While Chris takes things beyond just goals and resolutions, I…

Why You Need a Gravatar

What’s a gravatar and why do you need one? If you already have one, you’re a step ahead. If not, read on! “Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog.” – Definition from When you…

Social Media: It’s Not About the Tools

Are you spending too much time “doing social media”? Or are the “gurus” telling you that you need to spend even more time on social media? Have you found yourself asking “why???!” It’s easy to get caught up in creating the perfect website, a dazzling Facebook page, Twitter updates, YouTube videos – and the list…

How to Write Website Content That People Will Actually Read

Writing for the web is quite different from writing for print. Not only do people read differently online (in fact, they scan, rather than read), but there are challenges around screen resolution, load time, and website layout that impact what and how you write for the web. While there are some excellent resources that teach new online…

The Lost Art of Listening to Customers

We’re often so busy Tweeting, blogging, updating Facebook, sharing on Google+, and otherwise putting our side of the story out there, that we sometimes forget to listen. I don’t mean just scanning what customers are saying online, but really hearing them, understanding their needs, and letting them know that we get it. Before business grew…

To Scroll or Not to Scroll? A Website Design Debate Answered


My last post (on things to consider when building a website for a smaller, local business) generated some interesting discussion on LinkedIn about whether or not to design a website that requires viewers to scroll, rather than clicking to another page. Based on my experience and the available research, I’d say “go with a website…

How to Build a Small Business Website

If you’re a smaller, local business, maybe a single proprietor, who just needs an online presence to show that you’re a “real company,” then you probably don’t need all the bells and whistles of a top-of-the-line website.  All you really need is four or five pages with the critical information visitors are looking for (e.g.,…

How to Succeed With Social Media

Last week I was filming business owners talking about the challenges they face with social media. The top two issues? It doesn’t do anything for the business (no ROI) It wastes a lot of time Which got me thinking about why social media isn’t working for a lot of companies. Mostly, it’s because they set…

Guest Bloggers: How to Build Content and Traffic Through Guest Posts

Writing great content week in and week out can be exhausting. And if you let it slip, even just a little, your blog readership can practically vanish overnight. So how do you keep it going? How do you find new and interesting things to say? Where do you find the energy to write awesome posts…

7 Best Reasons to Include Video on Your Website

Have you ever opened a website and been blasted with loud music and a splashy video that immediately starts playing? Yeah, me too – and I hate it. That’s most definitely NOT the kind of video I’m talking about here. Video can be a huge plus when used properly. But, as with any other digital…